Trending September 2023 # What Is Front End Developer? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # What Is Front End Developer? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Introduction to Front End Developer

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A front end developer uses frameworks or packages such as Jquery, Angular JS, Angular JS 2, NodeJS, ReactJs, backboneJS, Bootstrap, etc., all of which are built primarily on the fundamental HTML and CSS, which forms the basis of front end development. Moreover, it is the technique of transforming ordinary data into a graphical interface for the usage and entertainment of the end-user so that he/she can view and interact by making visual and digital interactions using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS kind of basic languages.

How does the Front End Developer make working so Easy?

A front end developer is a person who has the most idea about what kind of development pattern and visual layout will be liked and appreciated by people in general. He makes use of Content Management Systems (CMS ) such as Magento, which makes working very easy. Others include ones like WordPress, Wireframing, etc.

He is also skilled in Cross-browser testing and testing between various platforms and devices and unit and accessibility testing, which is a mandate for most of the websites and web applications being developed today.

He is also knowledgeable about search engine optimization (SEO) and SEMs and also about how to interact with Interface designs. With these skillsets in hand and knowing about web font embeds, a content strategy is something only digital marketing folks would be aware of as to how bots and crawlers behave on the specific data or layout.

He is familiar with the organization’s basic strategy and what is asked to deliver, and therefore providing the perfect blend between both is what is asked out of him. The job is not easy, definitely, but it is fun, and all these skills, along with the huge information present on the internet, are what makes working for him so easy.

The Role of a Front End Developer Skills Required for Front End Developer

A front end developer has to be literally an expert with HTML, CSS, and Javascript or be well-versed in writing in some of the other Jquery kind of frameworks such as Angular JS nodeJs, etc. Apart from just knowing and working on these frameworks and technologies, he should also be very well versed in the preprocessing part, especially of the ones like Cascading Style Sheets.

Like any other good developer, he should know how to write the logic or code and be able to work in the project as a business environment. Therefore, he should have worked with any of the version-controlling tools such as GIT Subversion. In a similar way, he should also be well versed with the Continuous integration and continuous deployment tools such as TeamCity or Jenkins, which plays a major role in the life of a developer as they are helpful in managing and automating builds which play a crucial role when it is about developments, Similarly, he should also have a good hands-on over the various build tools which are available in the industry today such as Maven, Ant, etc. Any good developer is not just one who is limited to technology but also one who has an organizational level of experience, and therefore working with Agile and other methodologies forms a crucial part of his skill set.

Why do we need a Front End Developer? How is this Technology going to help you in Career Growth?

Like every other domain in technology front end development is also something without which web development will be incomplete, and in the near future, it does not seem right or easy to replace this job with any other random job profile prevailing in the market; therefore, if you have a keen interest for this role and are interested to opt for it then why the wait. Hop in and let success speak for you. I hope you liked our article. Stay tuned for more like these.

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